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icon5.gif  Non-human examples of communism [message #551] Fri, 19 April 2019 11:37 Go to next message
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Considering that Jordan Peterson has used other animals as examples of hierarchy and capitalism being natural, we should find our own examples of socialistic behavior outside of humans. Of course, we could just respond to this (awful) argument by saying "Humans are different to sea-dwelling invertebrate separated by hundreds of millions of years of evolution", but that's not fun and non-human examples of socialism and communism are always interesting to bring up and discuss interesting aspects of their societies that could be applied to humans.

I'll start by bringing up probably the most successful example of communism in the world for the past hundred million years: Ants. They have colonized every continent except for Antarctica and are everywhere where there is dirt, and they invented agriculture when the first apes were emerging. Although superficially hierarchical, the queen serves the colony just like all the workers, rather than the workers serving the queen. In ant nests with multiple queens, the worker ants execute queens that are selfish or do not help the colony, in a sort of democracy. Ants share their resources, and feed other ants that are hungry with little more than a request. They have communal upbringing of young, resource sharing, democratic decision making when deciding spots to find new nests or food sources and even rearing of livestock. They display remarkable levels of intelligence and even pass the self-awareness mirror test, which even some primates fail at. Often underestimated and treated as little more than a nuisance, ants are the most successful example of communism in the natural world bar none, being far more numerous than the other eusocial insects (who are themselves good examples of natural communism), even termites.

What other creatures do you think are good examples of communism working outside of humans? Ideally, you would want something successful, appealing to people and less retarded then lobsters.

I know that humans and animals are often wildly different, but looking at the enormous success of some of these animals due to their communistic social structure can be an example for humans, and help with propaganda that would interest people.

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This is a terrible idea and even indulging it for fun can only make things worse.
The lobsterman and other retards cut from the same cloth do not make those arguments because they're facts but because they perpetuate the ideology, if we make arguments like this we're only playing to the ideology and not fighting it because they're still framed within it, this is were cringe comes from.
Arguements like this should be the ones that we attack the hardest because how disconnected they are from material reality, by dissecting them not only the flaws of the argument come out but also the flaws of capitalism.
Re: Non-human examples of communism [message #553 is a reply to message #552] Fri, 19 April 2019 16:28 Go to previous message
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also BTW I still can't see pictures I clock on Ackoli's image and only get a blank page
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